This list contains information of people that organise or have already organised gigs in the past, in the dark-ambient-industrial-noise-PE-neo-classic-folk-ritual-... genre. Some of them might be possible organisers for other closely related genres such as experimental or gothic related music, though my info is based on the genres that I mentioned before.
In that perspective, if you're a metal, punk, techno, D&B, goa,... or whatever kind of band, don't bother any of these organisers with requests that they won't respond to at all, I hope this is clear to any and all of you out there! THUS, NO NEEDLESS SPAM PLEASE.
Some of the listed organisers are not regular organisers and sometimes only do yearly or 2-yearly festivals, so don't expect everyone to respond. I hope this list contributes to a more united and cooperative scene.
General comments good/bad experiences with any of these organisers are welcome. I might possibly add bad feedback in the future in order to establish a list of only trustworthy people who do support the scene in heart and spirit and not for the money. Wankers that are in it for the money are rejected and will never be listed here.
I wish all bands and organisers the best for their efforts to keep this genre of music alive and available to those interested.

-Laura Maes (Cling Film Records) (Ghent / Brugges area)
-Laurent Lenclud (Brussels area)
-Stefan Almeida Coxarro (Fusarium webzine / mailorder) or +0032 /
-Kunstencentrum BELGIE or Fax: +0032 011/23.26.59
-NBC Organisation (Luik/Liege area) For more info:
The Netherlands
-Thomas Dohmen info:
-Gloribel Hernandez (The Hague area) @ The White Space Site:
-Martijn (Staalplaat) Martijn - or Stichting Mixer, P.O. Box 59647, 1040 LC, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. or info at
-Frans De Waard (Staalplaat)
-Extrapool (Nijmegen area) Tweede Walstr. 5, 6511 LN Nijmegen, The Netherlands phone: +0031 0 24 3888234
-Stefan Koopmanschap (Utrecht area)
-Tom Saivon (Ars Morta Universum), +420-2-61223993
-Nikos Veliotis (Club 2:13 - Athens) small music theatre. Contact: - veikou 33 koukaki Athens / tel 30 1 9245644 or info: (monthly concerts and an annual 2:13 three-day festival)
-Elisabeth (The Rective) Site: Contact: or
-Kokampf (record label / gig promotion) - UK
-Hinoeuma - Red Rose: 129 Seven Sisters Road (Finsbury Park tube) or tel.07940079615
-Termite Club - (LEEDS BURLEY) contact n. 01132757494 (Mike) or 01132286945
-Consume - Glasgow
-Nuit et Brouillard (Nuit et Brouillard) (Only 2-yearly festival "Deadly Actions")
-Nyko (Riposte Records/Ripit) (Paris area) @ Squatt du Quai de la Gare
-Philippe Petit (bip-hop) (Marseille area)
-Eric Minkkinen (Buro booking the best gigs in Paris. The likes of Ikeda, Pita, etc... )
-Marie-Pierre Bonniol, recently started booking in a new art/multimedia club: Nouveau Casino/Cafe Charbon.
-Adenoide / Jean Ulrich (Toulouse area) or
-Alex (Zoobizarre) (Bordeaux area)
-Kitty (Le Lieu Unique) (Nantes area)
-Julien Ottavi (APO33) (Nantes area)
-Pannonica - 5 rue le Notre 44000 Nantes Tel 02 40 48 74 74 or Fax 02 40 48 28 18 information : / /
-Le Silence des Sirènes - 101, chemin de la Souquée F-06480 La Colle sur Loup - France email: organizing concerts of EXPERIMENTAL and IMPROVISED music
-Annibale Picicci (Dense) (Berlin area) Gleimstr. 25, 10437 Berlin e-mail or
-Tobias Schmitt (Etwas fehlt monthly events)
etwas fehlt is always looking for artists interested in playing our monthly event: feel free to contact us at if you are interested. Thank you for your attention
-Lutz Bauer (Deafborn Records) (Duisburg area) web: fax: +0049 211 3369247
-Holger (Electrolurch) (Berlin area) multicultural resistance movement!
-Motorschiff Stubnitz (Rostock area) info:
-Till Kniola (Auf Abwegen) (Muenster area) @Cuba Club contact: Beethovenstr. 24, 50674 Köln fax +0049-221-2720056 or
-Silke Arp Bricht (Hannover area) contact: Grotefendstr. 2, 30167 Hannover or
-Elke Moltrecht (Berlin area) @Podewil snailmail: Klosterstrasse 68-70, 10179 Berlin, Fax  +0049-30-24749700
-Lutz Pruditsch (Tarkatak) (Oldenburg @Alluvium) contact: Hartenkamp 11, 26217 Oldenburg, phone +0049-441-301745
-Ansgar Wilken (ZAKK club) (Bremen area) contact: Verdener Strasse 51, 28205 Bremen. Phone +0049-421-4984540
-Y-Ton-G, Wolfgang Neven (Hamburg @B-Movie) contact: Karolinenstr. 24 / H2, 20357 Hamburg
phone +0049-40-434150 no e-mail.
-Wolfgang Sterneck (Hanau @Cafe Matrax) contact: Sternstrasse 35, 63450 Hanau , fax +0049-6181-258453 e-mail : 
-Nulldrei club (Wuerzburg) contact: Rigobert Dittmann, Franz-Ludwig-Strasse 11, 97072 Wuerzburg, phone: +0049-931-77369 or or and
-ZORO squat (old fabric) (Leipzig) contact: Florian, Postfach 301130, 04251 Leipzig ,  Tel. +0049 0341-3018175.
-AZ Conny (Dresden) contact: Pain Art, Markus Koehring, Louisenstrasse 45, 01099 Dresden, phone & fax +0049-351-8011672, e-mail: or
-Oetinger Villa (Darmstadt) a wonderful place! contact: Tim Beissert, Kubigweg 9, 64380 Rossdorf,
-Kassablanca Club - address: Felsen Keller Str. 13 A - Jena - phone: 0049 (0) 3641282620
-Stephan Martin - (Erlangen / Nürnberg area)
-Karin Siegel : (Ulm area)
-@ e-werk, wilhelmstr. 43, berlin, germany
-@ schirn kunsthalle, frankfurt, germany
-area hamburg:
-area hannover:
-area bochum: wageni, +0049 234/ 534698
-area marburg - cafe trauma, +0049 6421/66317
-Club "Jungle" info at: address: Via di Monte Testaccio, 95 phone: 0039 (0)6 5746625 or 0039 333 7208694 e-mail: or events every Saturday all year long. (One of the 2 addresses should be the right one with _ or without _ in the address)
-Aldo Volpe
-Pille (Zurich area) info:
-Eric Boros (Manufracture Recordings) (Lausanne area) +0041/(0)796453066 or
-Fernando Sixto (Geneva area)
-Johan Astemark [ PAF Records (music store) ] @ [ .: redrum :. club ]
-The Nursery - arranging concerts and festivals with experimental music for over 5 years now. web - mail -
-Radar (Electronic Sounds Bar) C/ Amaniel 22 - 28015 Madrid - Spain or
-LEM Festival @ Centro Cultural Oniria, Barcelona, Spain. info: or
-Rubén García Villaplana (Valencia) c/Valencia 132-6ª - 46900 Torrent - Valencia-España
- Observatori Festival @ Museo Valenciano de la Ilustración y la Modernidad, Valencia, Spain. info: or or
-Sala NASA (Santiago de Compostela) - R/San Lourenzo,51-53 B - 15705 Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña - Galiza
Tel: +34 (981) -573998 Fax: +34 (981) -587321 Contact: Site: or

Suomi Finland
-Jukka Mattila (Kaos Kontrol) or
-Club La-bas (Helsinki)
-Rhiz Bar Moderne (Vienna) info: Contact: Herbie Molin - Website:
-Richie (Innsbruck area)
-Club Metropolis
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